This summer is still on our minds! We had an exiting opportunity to tour all over Canada, a first for this band. Montreal, Ottawa, Toronto and Vancouver gave us a chance to get the group in superbe playing form culminating in my new favourite venue, Ironworks in Vancouver. The two weeks we spent together also made us get to know… Read more →

First reactions.

 I think it’s a success!   “…bursting of adventure, courage and originality” Maarten van Heumen // VPRO Vrije Geluiden “On ‘Ahum’ it becomes clear that we’re seeing a true collective at work instead of a collection of ego tripping individuals” Herman Te Loo // Jazzflits “…dramatic and striking.” Lars Grip // Salt Peanuts “With ‘Ahum’ Naked Wolf delivers a second… Read more →

The mix.

For a bit more than a hundred years, people have been trying to shoe-horn three dimensional events on to a transport medium to be finally delivered from two speakers in another place. While, like printing books, this has completely changed the economics of the art in question, producing records has also become an art form of it’s own. We have… Read more →

Electric Monkey.

The sessions for our new album are in the bag. It was really a pleasure to record in the wonderful space in the north of Amsterdam called the Electric Monkey. As we like to track most of our music live, our first task was the place ourselves in a way that we could feel each other,  but have enough of… Read more →


Arjan Sorge writes a nice dutch review just in time for our Amsterdam release show in the Bimhuis. You can read it here. Read more →


Getting ready for period of gigs in our home country! Catch us at the following venues: 4th october @ Lantaren Venster, Rotterdam // 8th October @ Bimhuis w/Bushman’s revenge, Amsterdam // 9th October @ Tac, Einhoven // Come see us, if you’re in the neighbourhood! Read more →


Our beardy Luc got the cover of Freistil! Take a look: Freistil, if you don’t know it yet, is a very classy publication. You can get it in the following venues/record stores: Read more →

All About Jazz review.

Here’s what Eyal Haruveni had to say about our gig at the Music Unlimited festival in Wels. ” The album’s front sleeve promises a sonic spectacle including “the room shaking with demonic orchestras, the snatches of fearful sleep, the voices outside the window.” The group delivered an infectious, demonic set charged with wild, hypnotic rock energy and clever improvisations with rapid… Read more →